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Foul-Release Coating for Transducers

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Formulated by industry-leading scientists and certified by Airmar for transducers, Foulfree is the latest addition to the Propspeed product line. Fouling on the face of transducers can reduce their sensitivity, bottom-echo returns and positive fish targets. Foulfree keeps transducers clean and operating at the top of their game for the clearest sonar images possible.

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Transducer Safe

Certified by AIRMAR* and developed specifically for transducers to ensure sustained performance.

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Propspeed's Foul-Release

Developed from the original foul-release coating’s technology, with the same promise of proven performance experienced by captains and boat owners worldwide.

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Easy to Use

The application of Foulfree can be completed in 3 easy steps: 1. Clean - 2. Apply - 3. Let it dry

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Biocide Free

Foul-release, not antifoul. Foul-release coatings use physical means to reduce fouling, creating a surface that’s tough for marine organisms to adhere to.

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See the real picture

A foul-free transducer equals more clarity, detail and visibility below the waterline.

*AIRMAR certifies that the application of Foulfree coating on its transducers results in no loss in transducer performance.

"Propspeed’s new Foulfree transducer coating is amazing. Goes on easily and smoothly and dries like glass. The transducer looks like a mirror. I can’t see anything sticking to that."

John Camara
Captain of A Lure Sportfishing
Foulfree versus no Foulfree comparison

Foulfree kit

Product code: FF15K

Propspeed Foulfree Kit

In the kit:

Foulfree abrasive pad

1 Abrasive pad

The abrasive pad is used to prepare the transducer face and housing for the Foulfree transducer coating. 

Foulfree XDclean wipe

2 XDclean Wipe

XDclean is a transducer safe, pre-treatment cleaner. Having a clean transducer is critical to maximise the performance of Foulfree. The XDclean solution comes pre-packaged with a wipe to make cleaning easy.

Clear coat application brush

3 Application brush

A small, high quality brush is included to provide the best result during the application of the Foulfree coating.

Foulfree clear coat tube

4 Clear Coat

This kit contains 15ml of Foulfree Clear Coat, a non-toxic, silicone topcoat which forms a super slick outer layer that marine growth cannot adhere to, keeping your transducer performing at its peak. 

Coverage Guide


  • One 15ml kit will coat 1ft2 (0.1 m²)

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